Selfish Sewing

In all fairness to my sewing it’s nearly all done for my own pleasure. However when I’m in the middle of big projects with deadlines (that are not in the super near future) I almost lose the will to go on…. Sometimes I stop all together but then I struggle to start again. 

This time at least I’m still at my machine. In between sessions with the 2 projects for Festival of Quilts, I’ve been working on a needle book. I hope it will have enough space for my (stupidly) large needle collection. Plus pocket with clear PVC and a scissor pocket. Besides I have been doing demos of hand embroidery so the wool felt squares I have chosen to make up the pages are doing double duty. When it’s finished it will become a reasonable example of lots of different hand stitches. 

Side note – I’m getting to play with my teflon foot 😃

New Week, More Projects

Well Monday is back, the day job is done and it’s time to get back to what I really enjoy. 

FrameI’ve set my embroidery frame up with silk organza ready to go with my next piece for Etsy. Big Hippo hiding out in the background there.

The hand quilting on the images for this year’s Festival of Quilts has been started but I can’t share any photos just yet. I’m utterly terrified about this one. 

I’m also brewing two more ideas… One involving my old tickets from events and concerts. The second is another on the local theme, it follows the Festival of Quilts entry… well sort of. Those probably won’t be ready any time soon but they might be public eventually. 

First blog post

First comment! 😛

Just trying to get the new site/blog up and running today since I’m floored with a chest infection. Last night the best I managed was a (badly) stitched hoop art using lyrics from La La Land. It’s not measured, I eye-balled it. It’s not tidy, no two stitches are the same size.img_2028

BUT!! It does look a bit like star charts? It does to me the more I look at it. Like someone joined up the stars to make the words…

I need to work on my back stitch. I never liked the effect as much as chain stitch but that was going to make the words too big to fit it all in. The stars, using 1 strand of metallic thread, turned out nicely. Also can you tell that I did the second and third lines before the first?

Side note – I tried lots of ways to mark the lettering properly but totally failed. Chalk, pen (permanent, water soluble and air erasable) and multi-coloured ‘pencil’ (it feels waxy and doesn’t seem to want to write on anything). None actually worked, well not on this dark background. There’s a couple of chalk options I’ve not tried yet but if anyone know of what you have staying power on dark cotton please let me know.