Craft Fair Haul

For all I moaned yesterday I did do some spending today. Some things I actually needed for once… The fabric will probably be used for my ticket stub quilt. I wanted something that would offer colour without drowning the embroidery that will create most of the surface decoration and texture. The awesome grey Wonderfil threads are hopefully to inspire me to do more with the photos that I’m so scared to touch. Originally I dreamed of only using the “off black” and “off white” threads I have but maybe I need more subtle options. Ooh shiny beads for my luneville work, hopefully coming to a familiar Etsy shop near you soon. A Twizzler for tightening the frame and stand wing nuts. Total bargain at only £2! And finally a book from the Needlework Archive stand, they probably have the original edition, published in 1870 and not this (almost as old as me) 1986 reprint. I never knew Mrs Beeton created a needlework book. Although I’ve heard she wasn’t really the author of her famous cook book. It is rather awesome. Perhaps it will teach me some more about the old Victorian pockets…

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