First blog post

First comment! 😛

Just trying to get the new site/blog up and running today since I’m floored with a chest infection. Last night the best I managed was a (badly) stitched hoop art using lyrics from La La Land. It’s not measured, I eye-balled it. It’s not tidy, no two stitches are the same size.img_2028

BUT!! It does look a bit like star charts? It does to me the more I look at it. Like someone joined up the stars to make the words…

I need to work on my back stitch. I never liked the effect as much as chain stitch but that was going to make the words too big to fit it all in. The stars, using 1 strand of metallic thread, turned out nicely. Also can you tell that I did the second and third lines before the first?

Side note – I tried lots of ways to mark the lettering properly but totally failed. Chalk, pen (permanent, water soluble and air erasable) and multi-coloured ‘pencil’ (it feels waxy and doesn’t seem to want to write on anything). None actually worked, well not on this dark background. There’s a couple of chalk options I’ve not tried yet but if anyone know of what you have staying power on dark cotton please let me know.

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